The information shared on this blog is based on personal experience, knowledge and research. Please consult your doctor or registered mental health nurse before making any decisions based on my personal judgement. If you are seeking professional advice, please see your doctor or RGN. I am not a professional (yet!) and as much as I would love to help and reach out to people with support and encouragement, there is only so much support I can give.

I don’t have all the answers, nor do I pretend I do, I only have my personal experiences.

I did not want to give advice on my blog, I simply wanted to share my stories with the world in the hopes of reaching out to someone who is suffering in silence. I want to use this platform to spread awareness on Mental Health and encourage those who are suffering to seek treatment and start their journey to recovery.

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All blog posts shared are personally written by me.

For any additional information, I’m available to contact at https://www.facebook.com/lifeonplanetjanet/ or hi@lifeonplanetjanet.co.uk