My Story

I’m Janet, a 24-year-old Mental Health Awareness “Blogger” from London, UK. I currently work in health care and soon will be embarking my dream of becoming a Registered Mental Health Nurse. When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, writing, drinking coffee and taking photos.

I was diagnosed Bipolar Disorder with Anxiety in 2012. For years, I had believed I was the only person in the world who felt the way I did; it took me a long time to find inner peace and acceptance and it all started with journaling – I was lucky enough to find great healing through writing about my experiences and since then I have written various pieces about my battles with self-harm, medication, discrimination and self-love in hopes to inspire and aid recovery to young people who have been or are still suffering in silence. I make it a big point in my writing that my recovery is something I am still mastering but through blogging about my experiences, I am able to live a healthier and happier life where I feel ready to break down barriers and overcome stigma and discrimination.

Battling mental illness can be lonely but having social media at the tip of our fingers and being able to make long-lasting friendships and support systems at our own levels of comfort is something I feel that we are extremely lucky to have. When making my blog, I promised myself to do as much as I can to bring awareness to Mental Health so I truly hope, whether you suffer from a mental illness or you know someone that does, my blog touches your life when it really matters and to remind you that whatever you’re facing at the moment, you are more than capable of getting through it and achieving greatness and happiness.

It really does get better; just keep swimming.

Love, and gentle hugs,